First day (03/08)

Shlomo IZRE'EL: In Search for the Unit of Reference in Spontaneous Spoken Language: The SBCSAE texts [pdf]

Philippe MARTIN: Segmentation of two English small texts through different theoretical views: The French view [pptpptx]

Plínio BARBOSA: Understanding the automatic detection of stress groups' boundaries from (phonetic) syllabic units [pptpptx]

Andrej KIBRIK: Moscow spoken discourse transcription: A humble application to English discourse [pptpptx]

Takehiko MARUYAMA: Segmentation of two English short texts through different theoretical view [pptpptx]

Emanuela CRESTI: Segmentation and the reference unit of spontaneous speech according to Language into Act Theory [pptpptx]

Marianne MITHUN: Units of Reference [pptpptx]

Alessandro PANUNZI, Lorenzo GREGORI e Bruno ROCHA: Comparing annotations for the prosodic segmentation of spontaneous speech: focus on the reference units [pptpptx] and Pairwise agreement: measuring the agreement for each pair of annotator [pdf]


Second day (04/08)

Philippe MARTIN: The Incremental Prosodic Structure for Spontaneous Speech Analysis [pptpptx]

Plínio BARBOSA: Generating Duration-Related Salience for Segmenting Speech into Rhythmic Groups [pptpptx]

Massimo MONEGLIA: Predication and Illocutionary Force [pptpptx]


Third day (05/08)

Emanuela CRESTI: The Illocutionary Variation in Spontaneous Speech and its Typology [pptpptx]

Tommaso RASO, Maryualê MITTMANN e Frederico AMORIM: Information Patterns and the Prosodic Forms of the Topic Unit [pptpptx]

Shlomo IZRE'EL: In Search of the Unit of Reference in Spontaneous Spoken Language: A View from Hebrew [1st part: pdf; 2nd part: pdf]

Andrej A. KIBRIK, Nikolay A. KOROTAEV e Vera I. PODLESSKAYA: Russian Spoken Corpora, Elementary Discourse Units, and Prosody [pptpptx]


Fourth day (06/08)

Mira BERGELSON: Specifics of Narrative Production in the Russian Clinical Pear Stories Corpus (CLiPS) [pptpptx]

Takehiko MARUYAMA: Two-Level Utterance Units: Cognitive and Communicative Aspects of Spontaneous Speech [pptpptx]

Jeanne-Marie DEBAISIEUX and Philippe MARTIN: Syntactic and Prosodic Segmentation of (spontaneous) Speech. Two Examples in French [pptpptx]

Heliana MELLO and Giulia BOSSAGLIA: Clause Coordination, Subordination and Insubordination in Spoken Brazilian Portuguese: an Information Patterning Based Study [pptpptx]


Fifth day (07/08)

Andrej A. KIBRIK: Upper Kuskokwim (Athabaskan, Alaska): Local Discourse Structure [1st part: pptpptx; 2nd part: pptpptx]

Marianne MITHUN: Prosody and the organization of information in Central Pomo, a California indigenous language [1st part: pptpptx; 2nd part: pptpptx]

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