Four poster sessions are scheduled for presentation of works related to the following thematic panels.


Poster guidelines

The size of the poster must be 100 x 70 cm, according to this template.


Thematic Panels

Proposals focusing on any of the workshop languages are especially welcome (American English, Athabaskan Amerindian languages, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Hebrew and Semitic languages, Italian, Japanese, North America Amerindian languages, Russian).

1. Spoken Corpora in Brazil

a) Portuguese;

b) L2 teaching;

c) Amerindian languages;

d) Immigration languages;

e) Other corpora.

2. Speech segmentation

3. Illocutions and information structure

4.  Phonetic studies

a) Studies on prosody;

b) Phonetics and Sociolinguistics.

5. Speech Syntax

6. Lexicon and Semantics in Speech.


Submission guidelines

Abstracts (500 to 1000 words, in .pdf extension), to be written in English (recommended) or in Portuguese, should mention the chosen Thematic Panel and include AimsMethodology and Results sections. Abstracts should be anonymous.


Abstract submission is open from November 27th, 2014 to April 30th, 2015.


Abstract must be submitted through the online platform EasyAbs at the following link: 

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