Conference venue

The event will be held on UFMG’s main campus. The address is Avenida Antônio Carlos, 6627, Pampulha – Belo Horizonte.

You may check the localization of the university’s departments on this map.

To get to know a little about UFMG, please watch the following video:


Airport information

Belo Horizonte’s International Airport – Confins (CNF) is the main entrance for tourists arriving at Belo Horizonte. The airport is located in Confins, 40km from the centre of BH. It receives flights from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Porto Alegre, Belém, and other Brazilian cities, as well as international flights (Tap-Portugal).

From Confins Airport to Belo Horizonte

The transfer from Confins Airport to Belo Horizonte may be made by private cars, in accredited taxis, transport apps such as Uber or on the buses of Conexão Aeroporto, which run the route to specific points in the centre of BH.

Conexão Aeroporto offers two different vehicles, one economic (which stops at Terminal Rodoviário) and one executive (which stops at Terminal Álvares Cabral). The buses leave from the main entrance of the airport, where there is a counter where you may buy your tickets. If you prefer to avoid queuing up, you may also buy your ticket at a counter in the baggage claim hall.


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