Symposium dinner

The organizing committee of the International Symposium on Linguistics, Cognition, and Culture is going to throw a dinner party at Xapuri Restaurant on March 14 at 7:00 pm. The restaurant is located at 260 Mandacarú Street, Pampulha Region.

As the social event of the Symposium, the dinner is going to be a great moment for fruitful conversations between the participants. With its rustic and picturesque decoration filled with natural plants, the restaurant reveals the 'mineiro style of life’ (mineiro = a person born in the state of Minas Gerais). Xapuri also offers attractions such as a candy factory, its own sausage shop, a regional handicraft shop, and tasty Minas Gerais food.


The guests are going to be greeted with a typical mineiro starter, followed by a tasty dinner (here is the menu) and with drinks at will (juice, soft drinks, cachaça, beer, and caipirinha). There is also the option of dessert, which will be made available separately.


The entrance costs R$ 104.90 and can be purchased by the participants of the event and their guests. Those who are interested should send a message to the e-mail address expressing their interest in participating in the dinner party until March 11, 2019. The payment must be made at the time of registration at the counter of the Symposium in cash or by bank transfer.

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