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Student Visa

For people who desire to study Portuguese in Brazil for more than 90 days, getting a student visa is a commonly used option. If you want to stay less than 90 days, a tourist visa, which does not require any kind of application, is absolutely enough.


Why receiving an enrollment letter?

The only document that a foreigner needs from an entitled institution/school/university to apply for a student visa is a letter of enrollment (original and notarized). The letter of enrollment of the course “Portuguese for foreigners” at CENEX is widely regarded as a valid proof of education for a student visa. Therefore CENEX offers to send the letter of enrollment to the address of residency.

NOTE: Since the process for obtaining a student visa is depending on the the embassy, where you apply, CENEX does not guarantee that with this enrollment letter you are going to obtain a student visa. The institution CENEX only offers the service of sending the letter of enrollment and does not take any responsibility regarding the successful attempt of getting a student visa.


How to get the enrollment letter sent to your address?

  1. Enter the page “sign up” in the navigation bar.
  2. Enroll for the course normally until you come to the payment page
  3. When on the payment page select the option to receive the enrollment letter.
  4. Pay the total fee with Paypal or credit card.
  5. Send an email to Cenex requesting the enrollment letter, adding the address, where you want to receive the document.


What is included in the service of receiving the enrollment letter?

  1. R$ 160,00 express mail fee
  2. R$ 15,00  notarize document
  3. R$ 25,00 foreigner’s service (notarize + send at post office)

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