Extensive speaking

Involves lenghty stretches of discourse
Minimal verbal interaction

How do you score —>challenge
Content and delivery - variability

Assign a number to each box according to your assessment of the various aspects of the speaker’s presentation.
3- Excellent
2- Good
1- Fair
0- Poor

The purpose or the objective of the presentation was accomplished.
The introduction was level and got my attention.
The main point or idea was clearly stated toward the beginning.

The speaker used gestures and body language well.
The speaker’s language was natural and fluent.
The speaker’s rate of speech was appropriate.

Picture- cued story- telling

Retelling a story, news event

Question and Answer

- Display questions: simple question=> “What is this called in English?

- Referential questions: complex question => “What are the steps governments should take, if any, to stem the rate of deforestation in tropical countries?”

Questions eliciting
open-ended responses

- What do you think about the weather today?
- What do you like about the English language?
- Why did you choose your academic major?

Elicitation of questions from the test-taker

- Do you have any questions for me?
- Ask me about my family or job or interests.
- If you could interview the president or prime minister of your country, what would you ask that person?
(Test-takers respond with questions)

Giving Instructions and Directions

- How do you access email on a PC computer?
- How do you program telephone numbers into a cell (mobile) phone?
- How do I get from ______ to ______ in your city?

(Test-takers respond with appropriate instructions/direction).
Paraphrasing (a phone message)

Please tell Jeff that I’m tied up in traffic so I am going to be about half hour late for the nine o’clock meeting. And ask him to bring up our question about the employee benefits plan. If he wants to check in with me on my cell, have him call 415-338-3095. Thanks.

(test-takers response with two three sentences)